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About Krishna Ventures Limited

Since its inception in 1991, KVL (Mr.Vijay Khetan) has been a trailblazer in the Indian real estate sector. Established under the leadership of Mr. Vijay Khetan, KVL has become one of Mumbai's prominent names within the realty sector. In a short time, it has created a diverse portfolio, spanning across developments catering to residential, commercial, I.T Parks and Business centres in strategic locations. Retaining the core values of trust, commitment, integrity, self-discipline and highly entrepreneurial spirits, KVL is currently in an aggressive expansion mode in Infrastructure, Hospitality, Mall development and is all set to create new benchmarks in the real estate sector.

KVL and Architecture: The Aesthetics: KVL is continually setting high standards of excellence by partnering with the best international architects and designers to deliver spaces that are a culmination of technological superiority and best international practices. Every venture that KVL has delivered, is renowned for its strategic locations, superior quality, impeccable detailing, and an unequalled experience of luxury and comfort. KVL and Customer.

The Bond: The key to success in any business is customer trust and satisfaction. KVL believes in taking one step ahead by being receptive to customers feedback and responses. This helps KVL to constantly evolve and innovate to surpass customer expectations. Over the years, these modern practices have helped them to attain stupendous growth. With a proven reputation, they have delivered superior properties across diverse sectors.